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About us

What is is a non profit organization dedicated to fighting unscrupulous business practices through the use of colorful stickers to identify unscrupulous businesses*.

* We believe that putting an easy to remove sticker on a surface constitutes free speech. We do not advocate vandalism.

How can I help?

Get Stickers: email us at and tell us how many you need and where you plan to stick them.

Send money: we use the money to buy and send stickers only. 100% of donations go to stickers, and all of our workers are volunteers. Just send us an email at for more information.

You can spread the word: Most merchants are honest, good people. But any business should earn money by selling people things they want, not by trying to cheat people out of a few dollars by requiring a minimum purchase when doing so is forbidden both by Visa and MasterCard. By spreading the word and slapping on a few stickers, we can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions: Read the FAQ

We are now an open source project on Github... so if you're a designer and can improve our stickers, feel free to fork the project and submit improvements.